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Whether you want a low-risk investment, are more adventurous in your outlook or looking to build a portfolio to meet your financial goals - there's a unit trust for you. We have an extensive range of carefully selected unit trusts to suit different risk profiles.

Unit Trust Offers

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0% sales charge

Reap the benefits of diversification and professional management at a lower starting capital with unit trusts.

From now until 30 September 2019, enjoy 0% sales charge on the purchase of Regular Savings Plans and only 1% sales charge on lump sum investments in Unit Trusts purchased online. 

Terms and conditions apply.

What is a unit trust?

With a unit trust fund, your money is invested alongside many other investors by a professional fund manager in a diversified portfolio of investments. You don't have to make day-to-day investment decisions, because the manager does that for you. Depending on the fund strategy, your money could be invested in various asset types, from stocks to bonds to currency trading and more.


Unit trusts offer several key benefits:

  • Diversification in one investment
    A unit trust fund invests in a diverse portfolio of investments. This helps to diversify your risk better than investing in a single security.
  • Liquidity and no lock-in period
    You can buy and sell unit trusts on any dealing day (except on public holidays in the countries to which your fund is linked) with relative ease - online or through your Relationship Manager. Your money need not be tied up for a specific period of time.
  • Low costs and investment commitment to access a basket of securities
    Unit trust allows you to gain access to a portfolio of investments from as low as $1,000 and at a lower cost compared to buying them individually and constructing the portfolio on your own.
  • Access to different markets and investment instruments
    Gain exposure to countries, regions, sectors and investments that are not easily accessible as an individual.
  • Professional management
    Your investments are managed by investment professionals who spend their careers researching and managing investments. With a unit trust, let their expertise work for you.

See our unit trust range

You can search for funds based on your own preferences, view individual fund details and select funds for comparison on features such as risk level and investment strategy.

Ways to invest in Unit Trust

Lump Sum Investment

  • Make a one-time investment on a fund
  • Minimum S$1,000 placement

Regular Savings Plan

  • Minimum 1st investment of S$1,000
  • Minimum 6 months
  • Subsequent investment of as low as S$100 per month
A Woman is using laptop; image used for HSBC Singapore You don't need a fortune to start investing

You don’t need a fortune to start investing

It’s not just for the rich. See how you can begin your journey today.

Things to consider

As with all investments, there is an element of risk.

  • Market volatility will cause the value of a unit trust to rise or fall
  • Foreign exchange rates can fluctuate, so a unit trust may change in value if it invests in investments denominated in a different currency than what you invested in
  • The performance of any unit trust also depends on the expertise and investment decisions of its fund managers
  • Unit trusts differ in terms of investment objectives, strategies, risks and costs. It is important to choose one that best matches your investment objectives and risk profile.


You need to have the following:

  • An active investment account with HSBC with Personal Internet Banking (PIB).
  • A valid settlement account in the denominated currency of the Fund you wish to invest into.
  • Valid Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) where you have assessed to have knowledge and experience in transacting UT.

Things to know

How to invest

Existing investor

If you already have an unit trust investment account with HSBC, just log on to browse, buy and sell unit trusts.

Don't have Personal Internet Banking?

New investor

Please get in touch with us to set up an investment account.

Visit our branch

Visit any of our branches to speak to us about opening an investment account.

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