Need to deal in foreign currencies or manage your finances from abroad?

No matter where you are, we'll make sure transferring and managing your money, trading currencies and making payments are all easy and straightforward.

Hot air balloons floating above a city; image used for HSBC Singapore Global View and Global Transfers.

One consolidated view of your global HSBC accounts in one place, with instant transfers between them.

Singapore skyline with sunrise; image used for HSBC Singapore Foreign exchange.

Whether you're interested in managing your wealth, or you just need to send your money abroad, our FX solutions are designed to help.

A family taking an elephant ride; image used for HSBC Singapore Everyday Global Account.

Access to up to 11 different currencies with one account that you can manage anytime, anywhere. 


Keep on top of the foreign exchange market through your mobile with the HSBC QuickFX app.


Get a holistic view of your HSBC wealth portfolio holdings with analytics and forecasts, no matter where you are.


Stay in pace with the latest movements of the real-world economies with our wealth insights.


Find out how you can send your money to over 230 countries without fees or charges.


Online banking lets you carry out most of your everyday transactions, paying bills and more - whatever the time of day. 


Stay in control of your finances from abroad easily with our mobile banking app.