Change your password regularly

You should protect your banking accounts by regularly changing your passwords and by using unique passwords that you are not using elsewhere, including on any social media accounts.

Keep your browser up to date

We take your security very seriously. In order to protect you and our systems, we are making changes to all HSBC websites over the coming weeks that mean some of the oldest web browser versions will no longer be able to access these sites. Generally, the latest versions of a browser (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari) and an operating system (like Microsoft Windows, macOS) have the most up-to-date security features.

If you are not using recent browser versions, please upgrade your browser to the latest version to ensure seamless online banking experience.


There are things you can be doing to keep your accounts and money safe. Learn about common scams and precautionary measures you can take to protect yourself online.

Online Security

You play an important part in protecting your account/transactions.